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Table 2 The part #2 questionnaire structure with a sample response

From: A new model for calculating the maximum trust in Online Social Networks and solving by Artificial Bee Colony algorithm

Part 2Please fill the following table for a maximum of 5 different friends of yours which you have enough information about. In the last column, identify the amount of your mental trust to him/her with a number in [0…1] range
FactorF1Fa2F3Fb4F5F6F7Fc8F9F10Your trust to him/her
  1. a1: Ph.D. or equivalent; 2: M.Sc.; 3: B.Sc.; 4: diploma; 5: others
  2. bSee the attached SOC classification
  3. c1: married; 2: single; 3: separated; 4: divorced