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Table 1 Symbols

From: Prerequisite-related MOOC recommendation on learning path locating

\( {\text{se}}_{si} \)Score of learner s on learning object \( i \)
\( \overline{\text{se}}_{i} \)Average score of learner l
\( q\left( {i,d_{1} } \right) \)Prerequisite correlation coefficient between learning objects i and d1
d1First unqualified learning object
d2Last qualified learning object
\( {\text{dis}}_{{si, sd_{1} }} \)Time distance between 2 learning behaviors of learner s on learning objects i and d1.
IprLearning object set for prerequisite recommendation
IfrLearning object set for subsequent recommendation
simsrSimilarity between learner s and r
priRecommendation value of learning object i for learner r