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Table 4 Comparison of net tie-line power flows in the original network and the AED-based equivalent networks obtained using the Algorithm 3 and method of “AED-based k-means bus clustering method” section

From: A network science-based k-means++ clustering method for power systems network equivalence

Case no.Tie-line combinationOriginal networkAED-based equivalent networks
Flow (MW)AED-based k-means algorithm (“AED-based k-means bus clustering method” section)AED-based k-means++ algorithm (Algorithm 3)
Flow (MW)% deviationFlow (MW)% deviation
Case 1TL19–87/TL8–14448.09292.3928.08392.8512.33
Case 2TL19–87/TL4–161051.79978.736.951032.311.85
Case 3TL19–87/TL62–14455.3489.8762.3957.934.68
Case 4TL8–14/TL62–144450.86324.2628.08487.018.02
Case 5TL4–16/TL62–144994.46922.427.24973.192.14