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Table 4 Description of variables used in the model

From: Modelling the effect of religion on human empathy based on an adaptive temporal–causal network model

Variable Description
a i
i: 1;2
Either an empathic action for the God image (a1) or a dis-empathic action (a2)
b i An emotion of the God-image (associated to action effect), either an empathic emotion (b1) or a dis-empathic emotion (b2)
c i A behaviour option for the Self, related to action a i of the God-image, either empathic behaviour (c1) or dis-empathic behaviour (c2)
d i A feeling of the Self related to emotion bi of the God-image, (associated to action effect ei); either an empathic feeling (d1) or a dis-empathic feeling (d2)
e i The predicted effect of a behaviour
h goal that an individual can have
s i A prayer that an individual can execute, either internal or externally expressed, and either conscious or unconscious