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Table 1 Notation and explanation of symbols.

From: Analysis and control of information diffusion dictated by user interest in generalized networks

Symbol Interpretation
\(I^m(t)\) Number of Infected nodes for class m
\(S^m(t)\) Number of Susceptible nodes concerning class m
\(\mathcal {I}^m(t)\) Set of Infected nodes concerning class m
\(\mathcal {N}_S(i)\) Set of node i’s friends in the social layer
\(\mathcal {N}_{P}(i)\) Set of connections of i in the wireless network (physical layer)
\(0\le p_1,p_2,q\le 1\) Probabilities defined in the proposed information diffusion model
\(N_S^{avg}\) The average degree of all nodes in the social layer
\(f_1(x)\) \(f_1(x):[0,1]\rightarrow [0,1]\) monotonically increasing on x
\(f_2(x)\) \(f_2(x):[0,1]\rightarrow [0,1]\) monotonically decreasing on x
\(f_{3}(x)\) \(f_{3}(x):[0,1]\rightarrow [0,1]\) monotonically increasing on x