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Table 1 List of examined factors

From: Co-evolutionary dynamics in social networks: a case study of Twitter

Factor Description Odds ratio 95 % CI
Structural features    
|F(S)| Number of followers of S 1.000 [1.000,1.000]
|F (S)| Number of followees of S 0.999 [0.999,0.999]
AGE(S) Number of days since S joined Twitter 0.998 [0.998,0.998]
SL Reciprocity: whether the Speaker was following the Listener at the time of the TR event 27.344 [25.663,29.136]
Informational features    
|ST(S)| Total number of tweets of S 1.000 [1.000,1.000]
A rate(S) Rate of S tweets per day 0.989 [0.988,0.991]
Tweets(S,L,Δ) Number of distinct tweets of S received by L during period Δ 2.010 [1.781,2.270]
Retweets(S,L,Δ) Number of distinct retweets of S received by L during period Δ 1.603 [1.371,1.873]
Repeaters(S,L,Δ) Number of Repeaters R that L received tweets of S from during period Δ 2.076 [1.889,2.282]
  1. p < 0.1; p < 0.05; p < 0.01