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Table 1 Notation table

From: A robust information source estimator with sparse observations

q uv The probability an infected node u infects its neighbor node v
p v The probability an infected node v recovers
Y The partial snapshot
X v (t) The state of node v at time t
X(t) The states of all nodes at time t
X[ 0,t] The sample path from 0 to t
X(t) The set of all valid sample paths from time slot 0 to t
I Y The set of the observed infected nodes
Y The set of the unobserved nodes
e ~ (v, I Y ) The observed infection eccentricity of node v
v The estimator of the information source
v The actual information source
t v The time duration associated to the optimal sample path in which node v is the
  information source
C(v) The set of children of v
ϕ(v) The parent of node v
Y k The set of infection topologies where the maximum distance from the source to
  an infected node is k
T v The tree rooted in v
T v u The tree rooted in v without the branch from its neighbor u
X [ 0 , t ] , T v u The sample path restricted to topology T v u
t v I , t v R The infection time and recovery time of node v
d(v,u) The length of the shortest path between node v and node u